1953 19′ Vagabond

Recently, I was contacted about the possibility of purchasing a 19′ Vagabond that I had seen at a Vintage trailer rally. I was able to make the deal and drive 13 hours (each way!) to fetch her. It’s truly the most beautiful thing. It’s all original – unrestored. It’s not PERFECT but really in remarkable condition.

Even though I won’t be doing a big restoration due to her good condition, I thought I’d blog about the Vagabond, mainly because I can’t find much information online about them. Maybe one of my photos will help someone that is trying to restore a Vagabond.

The day after I got home from fetching the trailer, I found this cool mid century trundle bed on Facebook Marketplace a couple of hours from my house so I just towed the camper there and they helped me load it in! (which means two young people did all the work and I held the door) It’s a great vintage solution to the problem of needing separate sleep space for two. It’s very comfy. The fabric can only be described as bathmat. Truly strange but kinda funky cool. The cushions weigh a ton as a result. It’s not of the period the camper was made, but I do know the original flooring was a white and red check VCT. I had plans for a more vintage 40s look with lots of embroidered tea towels kinda thing. The Elmo sofa has changed all that. I think.

I have to drive through my neighbor’s property to get to mine. Thankfully, she has agreed to trim the bushes. We will wait til spring tho. They are 50+ yr old camellias – apparently you can’t just hack randomly on them. They are something to see when they bloom!

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