Rally Pics

I don’t think I ever shared pics from my first rally. It was great fun. I’m looking forward to attending some more. I have always collected sewing/needlework stuff so I have a sort of needlework theme in my decor. The Singer Featherweight sewing machine is a 1948 model. I also have my grandmother’s featherweight. The sampler was done by my father at Vacation Bible School … Continue reading Rally Pics

HVAC Installation – Duotherm style

As promised, I finally finished the HVAC installation and want to share what I did. There are definitely some things I’d do differently. I’ll try to make a note when I come across those. Please remember I am not a woodworker or a trailer restorer but I know how to work a screwdriver and I’m a draftsman. Maybe the drafting helps me think my way … Continue reading HVAC Installation – Duotherm style

Neighborly acts and under pressure – weight distribution setup

My goodness. The pandemic swept in and like a lot of people I stopped doing – stopped going out, stopped going “to” work, and stopped camping. There is no bathroom in the Vagabond, so until I felt ok with public washrooms I did not want to take a chance. In March 2021, after being vaccinated I was able to take a trip with the Sisters … Continue reading Neighborly acts and under pressure – weight distribution setup

Click Clack and maiden voyage!

A few weeks ago I scored a 1950s click clack sofa from the original owner. Well, technically her parents were the original owners since they bought it when she was a baby. She was born in 1953 like the Vagabond so it’s definitely of the period. The sofa was recently upholstered in navy/white ticking fabric so that necessitated another shift in decorating. I had scheduled … Continue reading Click Clack and maiden voyage!