Sliding door fixed and decor from the hoard

I tackled the sliding door not closing all the way today. There is a round fitting that goes thru the holes at the top of the door. The fitting and screw on the opposite side hold the sliding wheel bracket that the door hangs from. I removed the screw on the bedroom side, then carefully knocked the fitting back in from the other side. I had to wedge the door in a raised position so the bracket metal was not in the way. I bet this all works easily if you do it in a different order but I did not want to take the whole thing apart.

It looks like maybe that screw has been replaced with one with a slightly smaller head that allowed it to push thru to the other side, creating a “stop” that kept door from closing.

Last night I used my endoscope camera (amazon) to try to find the missing running light wiring. No luck there. I did spy what appeared to be some burnt insulation on the neutral wire to the bedroom light fixture. My electrician is going to swing by and do some testing to see if there is an immediate concern. I’d like to rewire one day, but I don’t think that is a task I want to take on myself. I am considering installing a new breaker box and a couple of grounded outlets tho. They might be installed totally separate from the existing 15 amp service.

Door closed!
This piece was sticking out and preventing door from closing all the way

I’m a bit of a collector. Ok perhaps even bordering on hoarder. One of the things I’ve saved for decades is this set of bookends which I had stored in a closet. I think they look perfect on the front shelf! I’ve always loved their rustic deco lines.

I took the curtains down. Tho I appreciated their cute “atomic” print the pastel colors just won’t work with the sofa. I’ll save them in case I ever want to switch it up. I like the simple look tho – and wonder what window treatment will be best to preserve the feel. Wood blinds perhaps? Metal?

Bought these bookends maybe 25 years ago?
So glad I saved these bookends. I wonder if they were home made?
I switched out the light bulbs for the lowest wattage warm color led I could find. It has to be a full size bulb or it’s next to impossible to remove them from the fixture. The glass globes have a spring that hold the fixture, the bulb and the globe all together. They seem pretty secure.
Sylvania “vintage” light bulbs 40W makes for a much more pleasant light. The breadbox is from the hoard as well. Again, purchased decades ago. I’m going to try to strip it and see if it can be polished.

ok now I’m just going to load this post up with a bunch of glamour shots. Enjoy!

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