The Big Screen

That happy moment when you realize the “ripped” screen in your 67 yr old trailer is just loose. I pushed the rubber gasket back into the slot that holds the screen taut – voila!

I learned that my window screens are also bronze, in addition to the door screen. I had not looked closely before.

At some point a previous “restorer” painted and trimmed along the windows with a razor. The problem with that is they trimmed away a good bit of the gasket that surrounds the windows. Easy mistake – once they are painted they look like part of the window. Eventually I will remove and restore each one.

The gaskets in question are stuck to the windows. It’s gonna be fun to remove them. Years of heat and paint layers.

Citri-strip to the rescue!

It does seem to be working so far. Removing the paint seems to make the gaskets easy to pull off.

I’m searching for the perfect bedside lamp. I had the perfect lamp and sold it about 30 years ago dammit. It’s always best to hoard! Live and learn!

This lamp was my ex husband’s grandma’s. I always loved its color and design. It’s a contender. Not the shade tho.

The mamaw lamp

I picked up this mid century ashtray/table on marketplace. it’s perfect for having a drink and enjoying a good book.

The trailer goes to have some repairs in a couple of weeks. I’ll be excited to have the brakes working and ready for camping trips!

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