Sliding door fix

On a recent trip, my sliding door jumped the track and was all crooked. Upon investigating I realized that the way the door glide was installed was all wrong. I contacted a fellow Vagabond owner that had an “all original” unit especially undisturbed flooring. She sent me pics of her door glide and where the latch should be located.

Once again, I called on my handy neighbor to cut and drill the metal angle for the door. I drew up a sketch showing him what I needed. A previous owner added subfloor on top of the original floor, then I think they cut the bottom of the sliding door. So that messed up the way the glide and latch fit. The new angle is approx 8″ long. Note the curved corners in case a bare foot came in contact with it.

At least this time I installed it myself. It took a few tries to get it installed so the spring latch was snug enough but not so snug it would not unlatch. I had to drill a new hole in the floor as the latch position moved. Times like this I’m glad I used the super cheap Big Lots carpet square flooring. I just had to recut and put a new piece down when I was done.

We went camping with the new improved sliding door and it was so nice to have it working well. It opens all the way now, and closes better. It stayed in place during towing. I think I’ll always put something there blocking the opening during travel as a precaution, just as I wire closed the cabinets.

Video of latch working

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