The Duotherm Heater is back!

The buyer of the Holly did not want the Duotherm heater, or at least she was willing to let me have it for the discount I gave her! I’m very grateful.

It fits perfectly in the Vagabond. The Holly did not have the ductwork that the Vagabond has but the exhaust hole on the back of the heater fit exactly over the vagabond duct. You can tell by the yellowing of the woodwork that it is exactly the same size as the original.

I won’t be using this heater for heat though I expect it could be safely reconditioned by someone that really knew what they are doing. I’m toying with ideas on making it part of a concealed air conditioning system. Either way it just looks cool and adds to the all original charm of the trailer.

I have read that the roof of Vagabonds are steel and the sides are a combination of steel and aluminum. Today I checked all the panels on mine. The aluminum is the front end cap, the lower panel behind the hitch, and the curves and rear panel at the back. Everything else is steel. See pic – yellow scribbling is aluminum. No wonder she weighs so much.

Yellow areas are aluminum.

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