Tin roof? Rusted!

Ooook there’s no tin on the Vagabond but there is definitely rust.

There was one spot around the window by the door that I felt needed to be stabilized. Maybe I should have waited…

Check out this video 😲

So yeah I pulled out the window and almost the entire strip of steel skin under the edge is rusted away.

I tried to remove some body screws because it seems to me the only solution is to either patch that rusty area or replace the metal sheeting completely. I could only get one screw out!

In desperation – I posted on fb and got some good suggestions including this Lisle 29200 3/8″ Hand Impact Tool… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002NYDRG?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

The impact tool arrived today. Unfortunately I stepped on a pine cone in the driveway and sprained my ankle. I cam barely walk. I don’t think there are any ladders in my immediate future. It’s pretty swollen still. Thanks to the modern world we have grocery delivery. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hobble down to the shop and give the impact thingamajiggy a try.

Someone suggested turning screw in before attempting to screw it out. I will try that.
Window frame is shredded! Maybe this will give me a chance to address the running light wiring
Another window with some rust

I won’t lie, I would love to pay a restorer to do this work but I would need strong trust and faith in their abilities. The wait lists are very long (Years) and I’m not getting any younger! So, I’ll do what I can to fix it. First on my list is POR-15 rust preventative. I’ll hit as much of the frame as I can.

It doesn’t look like rocket science to remove the skin but someone has done some bondo which may be covering all sorts of horrors!

The good news is tho there are some definite rust issues in other places I think this is probably the worst spot. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: I tried the hand impact tool and did not have a great luck prob due to my lack of strength. I bought a cordless impact driver at Harbor Freight and it works. If you lose control tho it will skitter across the surface and make marks. I’m planning on making a shield to put over each screw so the area around them will be protected.

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