Screen Cleaning

It finally occurred to me that I can go ahead and clean a lot of the “parts” of the windows before I pull them out for gasket changes. I’ve done both of the ones in the bedroom, and scrubbed the inside painted framing very carefully. It’s amazing how much of the rust and grime will come off the chromed and painted pieces. I don’t know how long it will take for the rust to come back but it sure looks good now! All of the screens seem to be complete which is very cool. I can just reset the rubber piece that holds them in and boom all done. The windows look much better from the inside at least even tho they are still pretty sad on the exterior. I also spent some time today polishing random chrome in the camper, hinges, outlet plates, switch plate by door, etc. I did not remove them it was a quick and dirty polish job.

Seriously how does it even get this spidery?? Different window before and after but similar starting point.
Pretty amazing what an SOS pad can do. I do dry them thoroughly after then use some brasso polish. It’s a wadded fiber imbedded with polish. I remembered it from when I was a kid and bought some on Amazon.
Pardon the trashy garage – but the screen and glass is clean at least!

Big news on the decor front. I was able to find a click clack sofa in great condition. The seller was the daughter of the original purchasers. She remembers it being there when she was a baby – and she was a 53 model just like the Vagabond. She has promised me a photo of her sitting on it around age 6 whenever she can find it. What a great bit of history that would be to display! I’ve seen Vagabond ads and I don’t think this is exactly how they should look but it’s pretty close. Also, it’s almost as wide as possible which is good for my tall kid. A benefit is it has been used in a home in a “sitting room” so it’s in excellent condition with no mousies.

When I saw the sofa on Facebook Marketplace, I was told that the click clack mechanism did not work. I basically walked away from it for a month or so. I was going to be in the area, so I contacted the seller again. My trip fell through but after a few more messages and learning that they were the original owners I was sold! I picked it up with a uhaul. Shoutout to the Sister on the Fly that answered my desperate Facebook request for help – we managed to squeeze that thing out of a very narrow town home hallway.

When I got home, I called a couple of upholsterers to see if they could look at the click clack mechanism and was told they were booked up until after Masters. (I live in a golf town. Masters tournament week is a major calendar landmark)

One company suggested I contact a local firm – The Furniture Doctor – that repairs and refinishes furniture. I called them, and since the sofa was already loaded up they agreed to take a look. I hauled it out there and 2 technicians came out to look. We clicked and clacked with everyone trying to see what was and was not happening. I mentioned that I could “hear” it – why was it not releasing?? Finally a very pleasant looking and apparently GENIUS bearded fellow suggested “maybe the thick upholstery is keeping it from folding back all the way and releasing”

I gave it a strong push on the next try and EUREKA – there she went. Bearded fellow did a victory lap in the parking lot, we exchanged a high five and I was on my way. What a huge relief.

I will miss the red Elmo sofa but it has already found a good home – strangely enough in a local Vagabond that is being restored. It’s funny how the trailer people come out of the woodwork!

That all for now. I’m prepping for a campout so it’s back to the windows this week. This will be our first outing! I’m pretty excited.

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