Click Clack and maiden voyage!

A few weeks ago I scored a 1950s click clack sofa from the original owner. Well, technically her parents were the original owners since they bought it when she was a baby. She was born in 1953 like the Vagabond so it’s definitely of the period.

The sofa was recently upholstered in navy/white ticking fabric so that necessitated another shift in decorating. I had scheduled our first camping trip with a regional vintage camping group so I was under the gun to get her decorated and usable. I found some curtains at big lots of all places and used my collection of vintage embroidered table runners as valances. The pillows are reruns from my home as is the rug. I’ll probably switch things up as I source vintage items over time. I’m still thinking about blinds but I want to visit some rallies and see them in action before I make that expensive decision. The curtain rods extend far enough that I might be able to have both, or curtains and roller blinds which is a possibility.

Amazing what a difference it makes. There is cedar lined storage underneath.
Perfect fit even with the sofa in the bed position and the fold down table in place. I slept on the click clack it was very comfy. I pinned a flat sheet around an inexpensive foam mattress pad so I did not need to “make up” the bed.
Opens even with the fold down table in place and also does not block entrance door.

Because without functioning brakes the Vagabond exceeds the tow rating of my car (probably most vehicles really) – I had planned to rent a large pickup and take the trailer to a person several hours away to replace the the jacked up 4 pin plug with a 7 pin and hook up/service the brakes.

When I put the red sofa up for sale on marketplace the fellow that came to look at it turned out to be a fellow vintage trailer enthusiast and amateur restorer! I’m quick on my feet so I managed to get him to trade rewiring for the sofa. He did a great job – it’s all working great and the brakes are functioning well. I think I got the better end of the deal! The wiring was toast btw. I’m very glad I was not tempted to tow it without fixing it and that we replaced it all.

This was my view for several days!
Brown wire was crumbling. After new heavier wiring was installed the lights were brighter and any random periods of lights not working went away. He installed a junction box midway so it might be easier to service and add clearance lights if I can ever get them rewired.
Bought an Andersen hitch but my frame is between sizes. I’m going to have a metal pad welded on top so the brackets will fit property. The part where the chain goes in should be parallel to the trailer frame with a slight angle on the brackets unlike this photo.
Maiden Voyage! Croft State Park site 46. We had a wonderful time And I had a good time picking the brains of other vintage trailer folk. That’s a Volkswagen Touareg tdi btw. Massive tow rating – it did great on the road. I imagine when the weight distribution is hooked up it will really be an awesome ride.
Bam! Water damage next to door is concealed! I will add a liner to these curtains.
I bought these vintage curtain brackets on ebay. I had a friend cut them straight across so the top would snug up against the wood trim strip. This way the top of the window would not show over the top of the rod. I didn’t want to have a ruffle top so the valances would lay smoothly.
Cool old brackets. Can’t see them but I know they are there!
Unexpected benefit – curtains slide all the way around and provide privacy – or at least they will when they are lined.
Used brasso to polish the light fixtures and switch covers. It really made a huge difference. I eventually cut paper to place around the fixtures instead of the tape.
Every little thing is a puzzle on an old trailer! Brackets don’t fit the holes at the bottom of the stove. I ended up drilling an extra hole in the brass ones. I can’t help but believe there must be an existing L bracket that would work.
She sits.
Obligatory Cat visiting the Vagabond pic

That’s all for now. I’ll keep picking at her. I am hoping to fix the rust on the roof before the next camping trip. Maybe pull another window or two.

2 thoughts on “Click Clack and maiden voyage!

  1. I see your Vagabond I recently purchased a 1950 19’ and it had a factory wet bath so I was told, I currently have the floor out as the perimeter frame was rotted what a job We love the sofa in yours and hopefully we can find one it had no furniture. Yours is the first one I’ve seen besides ours. Hope to get it done in a year but we’ll see. Happy Camping

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    1. Good luck! Check facebook marketplace for “sofa beds” etc one day one will pop up! It’s my understanding that the bath in the 19’ was a dealer option. Is it in the corner next to the rear door? No shower right?


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