Sliding door fixed and decor from the hoard

I tackled the sliding door not closing all the way today. There is a round fitting that goes thru the holes at the top of the door. The fitting and screw on the opposite side hold the sliding wheel bracket that the door hangs from. I removed the screw on the bedroom side, then carefully knocked the fitting back in from the other side. I … Continue reading Sliding door fixed and decor from the hoard

1953 19′ Vagabond

Recently, I was contacted about the possibility of purchasing a 19′ Vagabond that I had seen at a Vintage trailer rally. I was able to make the deal and drive 13 hours (each way!) to fetch her. It’s truly the most beautiful thing. It’s all original – unrestored. It’s not PERFECT but really in remarkable condition. Even though I won’t be doing a big restoration … Continue reading 1953 19′ Vagabond